By default, the Kyomitsu Seri 91XX DVR password (9104/9108/9116) is "kyomitsu123", without spaces and all lowercase letters. 
But when having trouble "Login" either because you can't use the default password of Kyomitsu or because it has been replaced or has forgotten the password, it is necessary to reset the password with the following steps.
  • From the DVR screen, please right-click and select "Menu". When going to "Login", please click 2x on the lower left corner in the form box like the following illustration.

Picture 1
  • If in accordance with the instructions in Figure 1, the form "Restore default password" will appear with the code "Serial No.". What needs to be done, please copy or photograph then send it via email to us so that we help with the DCR Kyomitsu password reset process. 

  • After receiving a reply in the form of a code from us, please re-take step 1 and enter the Kyomitsu DVR password reset code in the "Secure Code" column just below "Serial No".
  • Please re-enter the password you want, then click "Apply" or "OK".
To make sure the password has changed, please log in again using the user name "admin" and the password you just created.
Tip: Use the password starting with the word kyomitsu and matching it with 3 to 4 numbers that you want, for example "kyomitsu888", "kyomitsu4321", "kyomitsu1991" and so on to make it easier to remember when you read this article again and don't bother reset password.


Hikvision Password Reset

KYOMITSU DVR Password Reset Utility

This tool will generate a Serial code which you may use to reset the admin password for a KYOMITSU DVR. The code must be entered into the Serial code box.
Enter your DVR's complete serial number, as seen in the KYOMITSU Login Page:
Enter the 4 digit year during which you will use this reset code:
Enter the 2 digit month during which you will use this reset code:
Enter the 2 digit day during which you will use this reset code:
Your Serial code will appear below