CCTV DVR, NVR Date and Time Auto Change Issues

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How to Solve CCTV DVR, NVR Date and Time Auto Change Issues

  • DVR date and time is different or not synchronized with the local time.
  • Playback time is different from the time selected on DVR recording Search.
  • The DVR System is one hour behind or one hour forward.
Today, i am going to show you, if you are facing problem with your any DVR , and it automatically reset date & time to 12’O clock and date to its manufacturing year, then probably the mobo battery is dead,
In DVR same lithium battery is used as in desktop/laptop computers, it keeps your DVR time & date up to date even when switched off, you have to replace that battery, most like normal CR3220 cell is used,
In some DVR’s its easy to take out the cell just like Desktop PC, but some DVR’s have embedded the connectors inside motherboard, and only experienced technician can replace the battery for you.

Troubleshooting Steps

If your system is connected to the Internet, it should be able to synchronize date and time automatically using Network Time Protocol (NTP) but other parameters of your system must be correctly setup to get the right date and time.
  • NTP: Make sure NTP is enabled
  • Time Zone: Time Zone is particularly important if you have enabled NTP– set this to your time zone.
  • Daylight Savings Time (DST): Enable this setting if you want the DVR to adjust the time when daylight savings time begins. If DST is disabled you must manually change your system time when DST begins and when it ends.
Note: Please consider that DST and Time Zone will vary depending on your location. Make sure to setup your systems with the correct values to get the right date and time on your DVR.


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