How to enable Compliance Test on UBNT devices

Note: new firmware versions the “Compliance Test” has been renamed to “Licensed”.

Prior to this, the masters lowered the firmware to 5.5.6 and it was possible to select the Compliance Test country in which all frequencies are available, but on these antennas that the AirMAX PowerBeam M5 came with firmware 5.6.2, after the firmware was lowered, the settings were no longer saved, the reset cannot be performed, The firmware for the latter also became impossible!

The simplest solution to the problem is to connect to the device via SSH and enter a command that will add the ability to select Compliance Test:


But this method does not work on all devices, on Rocket M2, for example, Rocket M5 works, but on PowerBeam 5ac it does not work, in this case there is a script below.

The second solution to the problem, if suddenly the PowerBeam point is already flashed above 5.5.6 and cannot be updated, then we are downloading the latest firmware via TFTP.

After completing the firmware process via the web interface, do not go (otherwise you will have to reset the settings and do it again), but connect via SSH using, for example, the PuTTY program and enter the “enable_ct” command above, or create a script, make it executable, save the settings and reboot the device by running The following commands take turns:

echo "echo '<option value=\"511\">Compliance Test</option>' >> /etc/" > /etc/persistent/rc.poststart
chmod +x /etc/persistent/rc.poststart

After rebooting the device, go to the web-interface, select the country “Compliance Test” and already see that all frequencies are available.

If you reset the settings, the script will have to be added again.

On PowerBeam 5AC, for example, there is no “Compliance Test”, but you can access all frequencies by downloading the configuration file, changing the lines below and uploading it to the device, then Argentina will be displayed in the country field:



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