How can I get a WiFi password secretly?

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Personally i use these 2 tricks to get WiFi Password secretly without hacking and without pro tools.
Always carry my personal laptop bag and some tools in it.
(Tool:- crimping tool, rj-45 connectors, a LAN Cable, Wire Cutter, Screw drive)

when i visit my client location and ask them to tell me the WiFi password, 70% people tell me and 30% say “we do not have the WiFi password, we forgot the password”

so what i do in 30% condition is first try to connect with WPS Security and after connecting access the router with default username and password of router and get the current WiFi Password.

if WPS does not work, then i need to connect router with a LAN Cable into Client router. after get access with LAN Cable i login into router and know the WiFi Password with same default username and password.
if above both points does not work. i check the ISP Internet connection type.

BSNL Broadband works on Telephone Lines so i ask to client show me the BSNL Bill. in second page i found the Username of PPPoe connection and by default the Password of PPPoe Bsnl Dialup connection is “password”.

I reset the Modem/Router and reconfigure it within 1–2 min. before that i inform the client “Internet will be stop for 1–2 Min, do not worry i will start it again”
So, these are my tricks which i have shared with you.

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