Reolink NVR Password Reset (All NVR Supported)

Reolink NVR Super Password to Reset the Admin Password

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs.

If you forget the password of Reolink NVR, you may create a super password via Super Password application, then use it to reset your NVR password and set a new password.
Note: Super Password is only for Windows OS, not for Mac OS.

Here we will guide you to reset the password of your PoE NVR by using the super password in the following steps.

Step 1: Connect the NVR to a monitor by HDMI cable. (If there is no display, please connect it to a VGA monitor and change the pixel to 1920*1080.)

Step 2: Login in the NVR and click Forgot Password button.

Then you will get this page:

Step 3: Open Super Password application installed on the computer, then input the random code.

Step 4: Click Create Super Password to create a super password.

Step 5: Go back to the System Login interface on the monitor of NVR. Input the generated super password, then click the OK button.

Note: When you finished the steps above, the password of your NVR will be successfully reset and the old password will be removed.

Step 6: Create a new password for logging in.

Step 7: Start to set up configurations on the Setup Wizard interface.

Step 8: Click Finish button when you set up all the configurations.

Done! You have successfully reset the password of your NVR. Now you can make login with the new password.


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