ivms 4200 error code 1602

ivms 4200 error code 1602 fix

We will discuss about an Hikvision IVMS 4200 Error Code 1602 in this article.

After Installation of Hikvision IP Cameras and NVR, Everyone wants to view all cameras live stream on their PC or laptop. 

How Error Code 1602 generate?

Hikvision Video Management Software "IVMS 4200" got this error while playing live view of hikvision cameras.

What is ivms 4200 error code 1602?

1602 error means when there is no streaming camera connected to your NVR/DVR which can show you live view than this error comes. If your camera not working due to wrong settings in NVR or it is off due to power off also it can be off due to source device like PoE Switch off then this error show.

How to solve ivms 4200 error code?

First you must check the ip camera power if camera connected directly from power source check the power adaptor otherwise check the power from PoE Switch or NVR PoE port.

if all ok, then now go for next step, check the IP Address of IP camera and NVR. Both must be in same network ip series, like your router ip address is and your NVR ip is and your Ip camera ip address is then it won't work.

if you do not need to remotely access your NVR from outside then your NVR and IP Cameras ip address must be same.

NVR IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway:- Can Be Blank

IP Camera IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: (NVR IP Address)

When you finish checking all the settings and connect IVMS 4200 again with NVR, you will see live streaming of your camera and error code 1602 will be gone.

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