CCTV Camera with IR leds

All are Night Vision Camera Types:- (Infrared Lights/ Now Comes with LED Lights too.)
Dome:- Max use indoors (Analog/HD/IP)
Bullet:- Max use outdoors (Analog/HD/IP)
Mini PTZ:- Mixed used Outdoor/indoors (HD/IP)
PTZ :- Max use outdoors (Analog/HD/IP)
Panorama:- Mixed used Outdoor/indoors (Analog/HD/IP)
Dual Lens Dome:-Max use indoors (HD/IP)
Three Lens Dome:-Max use indoors (HD/IP)
Analog Camera Works on : TVL
D1 Resolution - 704 x 480
CIF Resolution - 352 x 240
QCIF Resolution - 176 x 120
HD Camera Works on : high frame rates Resolutions (Support MP Lens)
1080p Resolution - 1920 x 1080
720p Resolution - 1280 x 720
I have explained about CCTV Technology in one of my YouTube Video. If you want to know more about CCTV Camera, Please watch Below Videos.
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