Hikvision XML File Generator Tool

Hikvision XML File Generator is a utility which helps you to get Encrypted XML file to unlock your Hikvision Device.


First you need to download SADP tool and export the xml file for that device which you want to reset the admin password.
Make sure before start Hikvision XML File Generator you have a working internet connection in your computer. Now fillup all the field all are require to generate xml file.
after 15-30 Minutes you will get encrypted XML file in to your email which you have provided in Hikvision XML File Generator Email ID Field.
fill correct information in all the field to get working XML Key File.

Download Tool Link : https://payhip.com/b/GcmZ

Important Note:- No Responsibility if this software not works for your Device.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for Comment.

      Yes, You can use this Tool to reset your Hikvision Password. Visit mentioned link to get that tool.

  2. Hello, i can't find where to download the tool... can you help me?

    1. Here is the download link -

  3. Hi, I bought the software and it didn't work !!!!! ... the NVR restarts it without resetting the key, why?

    1. Thanks for comment,

      If you have bought XML Key file tool, you must received emails from hikvisionxml, please check email and follow the steps which mentioned in emails for future quick response.


  4. Hello, thanks for answering, but the instructions of a video are followed (although it is version 2.0 and I bought 3.0, but they are very similar), the mail arrives, I load the * .xml file (as seen in the video and indications of mail) and the NVR restarts for "NO responding, time out" and WITHOUT RESETTING THE PASWWORD ... why does this happen?


  5. I'm still waiting for answers from my last message ... or is it that the software doesn't work ??? if so, I demand the return of my money

    1. Dear victor you can directly email us on nitinplus@gmail.com , we will give you free online support to reset your device password, please send fresh xxml exported file from tool with in 1 hour.

  6. Hello;

    1. I sent them an email they responded and connecting remotely and what should I do at a different time based on my country ... and not what to do at all.
    2. Today I try again to get the reset email immediately and without closing any program (ADP hikvision and neither Hikvision XML File Generator Tool Ver 3.0) I send you the email showing that it still does not work and the only thing it does is restart the NVR ... what definite solution do they give me ???


Thanks for Comment. Please directly email us on nitinplus@gmail.com