How to Configure EnGenius EnStation5 AC Point to Point Bridge Mode and EnGenius Discovery Tool


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In this article we will know about EnGenius EnSatation5-AC 5Ghz

First let me explain what are the usage of this product in real life. if you want to connect 2 location for share Data,Video and Voice with Internet you can use this product. this product come with 1 Pair devices. so that i device will work as Access Point and Second one work as Station/Client. you can connect more the 1 station with Access Point. there are lots of Wireless Devices available in market but again lets comes to this product specification and features.

This device use some special frequencies cause it has 5Ghz + AC it there. 
AC device have double power of beam forming and bandwidth capacity and the Frequencies are unique which reduce the air traffic conflicts.

You can watch the above video to configure it: some basic require information i am sharing here.

Default Username: admin Password: admin

Default IP Address:

Default Country: No Country you may need to select after purchase as per your current country.

Default Channel: 80 Mhz

Defauilt SSID : ModelName+Last6MACAddress_1

Default SSID Security : None (Open By Default)

Product Details:
EnGenius EnJet EnStation5-AC 5 GHz Outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Client Bridge/AP, featuring Time Division Multiple Access, cuts through RF-congested environments within Point-to-Point/MultiPoint applications. EnJet enabled the EnStation5-AC assigns time slots to each station, providing faster and more stable performance and avoiding the hidden node issue. With a high-gain 19 dBi dual-polarized directional antenna that extends the network up to 5 miles point-to-point.

EnJet technology features Time Division Multiple Access, cutting through RF-congested environments
  • 11ac Wave 2 wireless speeds up to 867 Mbps on 5 GHz
  • MU-MIMO improves performance & increases user device capacities
  • Beamforming optimizes antenna signal, reception & reliability for device
  • High 26 dBm transmit power and high Gain 19 dBi Directional Antennas
  • IP55-Rated weatherproof & dustproof housing
  • GigE PoE port & adapter included for placement where power is limited
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