How to Transfer files from Laptop to Android TV

How to Transfer files from Laptop to Android TV

Send Files to TV is a software which can help us to send directly files from Laptop,Desktop to Android TV.


Wireless Router
Android TV
Laptop or Desktop with WiFi LAN Card

How it Works:

Download "Send Files to TV" Android App from Play Store in Android TV Link:
Install and Start Send files to TV App in Android TV.

Download "Send Files to TV" Exe Setup from This Link  in to your Laptop or Desktop.
Start Send Files to TV in Android TV. Now Install and Start. Right Click on Started App Icon and choose Settings and change the Port to 2000 and 2001 in Laptop or Desktop Send files to TV. Now Restart Software and choose a file (APK,MP4,MP3,JPG) Any one to select your Android TV which is showing in available devices and send directly from Laptop to Android TV.
and send it.

Android TV will show that file is recieving, after complete install iit and enjoy.

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