We Can Control Corona Virus Outbreaks With Our Technology

Coronavirus Outbreak: Different Stages of a Pandemic You Need to Know About
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We Can Track Down Corona Patient with This Idea !!!

Dear All People, On 15th April 2020 I was thinking about how to control the corona outbreak and suddenly an idea comes up in my mind to control Covid 19 outbreak in world wide and i decided to make a video on it so i written my idea lines in a notepad file but that Night i was so tried and slept without making video Next day in late night i started to create this video and uploaded on YouTube and next day i also recorded Hindi audio same idea and today i have uploaded it on my channel.

I got shocked when i google it what i found check link: https://www.wsj.com/articles/smartphone-coronavirus-test-apps-would-listen-to-your-cough-11587055803#comments_sector

I got shocked AI reachers already working on it. but that are taking it as a test but my idea is slightly different. do not take it as a test just apply it to all world level famous Android / iOS apps and apply it asap.I am 100% sure this will give postive result and we will get control on COVID 19.Please share this article with your friends and known people.Thanks,

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