How to Solve Connected to WiFI but No Internet in 2020


How to Solve Connected to WiFI but No Internet in 2020

There are many blogs, articles and tech guys giving solution for "How to solve Device connected to WiFi but internet is not running". I have shown all the steps to resolve this error in video.
Sometimes in your network there are few things happen when you roaming with your devices and manually insert Static IP Address in your smartphones and android devices. after reaching again your home or business you find there is no internet when you connect to your WiFi Router. you can follow first process which has shown in above mentioned video.

Some time after installing second WiFi Router in network gives this error. behind this there are few reasons like two different network series does not allow your device to connect with internet router, DHCP Server running in multiple devices which auto connect and release an IP Address which does not running internet and working only as bridge connection.

Please checkout above video and follow step by step to solve this error.

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