LTS DVR NVR IP Camera Password Reset 2020

How to Reset Lts Dvr Nvr IP Camera Password

Are you having trouble about resetting your LTS Platinum series NVR/DVR password? 

We can definitely help you reset your password. Online Support Charges are $20.00 Each.

Pay by Paypal (ID: [email protected]) . 

Please follow the steps below to solve this issue.

Checkout using the link below and the days reset code along with instructions will be emailed to the email in the order. 

Reset codes for orders placed 24X7.

1) Password is reset from the Login screen.

Logout of the Platinum Series NVR/DVR if needed. To log back in, try to access the menu again. 

The Login screen will appear , prompting the user for a passwords.

2)Restore default password

From the Login screen double-click on the lower, left-hand corner of the box. 

This is a hidden button which will bring up the "Restore default password" box.

3)Secure Code

Check to make sure the system date is accurate.The "Secure Code" changes each day so 

please Contact Us for that day's code or email [email protected] alternatively. 

When you receive the current code please enter and the next window will appear.


The "Admin account" password has been changed to: 12345. No other settings or passwords are changed.
Please not: After update , do not forget to change your password to an Alpha Numeric password of at least 8 characters.

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