Is there a way for admin to give access only to selected CCTV camera for secondary person?

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Yes, You can give selected Camera view permission to secondary person.

To setup this you may need to access your DVR, NVR or IP Camera in your computer.
After Login with Username and Password go to user management in settings.
there you should create a limited user profile and assign them only view rights and select those cameras which you want to give them access.

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I will do all the require settings and give you the Username and Password list which can be share with secondary persons.

Those persons can do following things:

For Normal IP Camera Settings can be set as

1. Only View Rights
2. View and Playback Rights but no Download
3. View and Playback and Download Rights
4. PTZ Camera View Only rights
5. PTZ Camera View and Control Rights
all above rights does not provide admin rights. only admin can change any settings in DVR, NVR or IP Camera.If secondary person try to change anything system will give him error " No Permission "

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