Hikvision Cloud Storage on DVR, NVR, IP Camera

Preparation The cloud storage facilitates you to upload and download the recorded files at any time and any place, which can highly enhance the efficiency. Note: Cloud storage is only applicable to HQHI-F/N, HUHI-F/N and all -K series DVR.

Steps: 1. Enter the local menu: HDD->General->Cloud Storage, tick the Enable Cloud and choose one Cloud Type from dropdown list

2. Use a mobile device browser to scan the QR code, log in your account of cloud storage and get the Authorization code. Note: For OneDrive, it can’t return the code directly, you need to get the code from address bar after clicking ok of ‘failed to receive auth token’.

3. Input the code into the Authorization Code, then it will turn to be online.

4. Tick the Enable Event Upload box.

5. Configure the Record Schedule and choose the Sub stream or Double Stream as stream type in Record->Parameters-> more settings-> video stream.

6. Configure the event and check the checkbox Upload Captured Pictures To Cloud in the linkage action of event.

7. Triger the event, then videos or pictures will be uploaded to your cloud storage, in the snapshot folder. 

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