How to send msg from one computer to other computer without using internet?

How to Send Message from One PC to Another without Internet

You may need to connect them each other for that you need 1 Ethernet Cable Called Patch Code. if you have more then 2 Computer. you need more patch codes and Network Switch to communicate each other.

Send message from one to another need a source device path and destination device.

it has 2 parts: Hardware and Software.

In Hardware: 

1st PC is Source PC Message.
Network Switch is a Path.
2nd PC is the Destination PC for Message.

In Software:

1st PC LAN Messenger software
1st PC Windows OS 
2nd PC Windows OS
2nd PC LAN Messenger software

Configure Hardware:

Insert Same series IP Address in both PC if 1st PC IP address is Subnet Mask: and Gateway is


2nd PC IP Address should be Subnet Mask: Gateway:

to check all the Hardware is working fine, you can use CMD Command called PING.

Run CMD and type "ping -t" in 2nd PC and press enter.
Run CMD and type "ping -t" in 1st PC and press enter.

Now both PC get reply from each other. it means all things are working fine. 

Now you can download and install LAN IP Massager.

Download LAN Messenger Software from Below Link:

Install it in both PC and start using them. 

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