Annke Password Reset 2020

ANNKE DVR Password Reset

Applies to:

DT41Y, DT61Y, DT81Y, DN41R, DN61R, DN81R, DT41GB, DT81GB, DT61GB, DW41JD, DW81KD, DW61LD, DT81DP, N48PI, N44PI, N46PI, N44PAM, N48PAW, N46PCK, N88PCH, N48PBB

Purpose: If you could not find the long SN serial number from your system, please refer to this instruction to reset the password of your system.

1. Please do NOT turn off your DVR and the SADP software after you exported the files. Otherwise, the exported file will be invalid immediately.
2. Please use the key file from us as soon as possible because it's only valid for 24 hours.
Input your DVR/NVR's new password in "New Password" and "Confirm Password", tick the option "Reset Network Cameras' Passwords", click "Confirm" to finish reset.

1. Plug DVR/NVR to the router by ethernet cable.

2. Get a windows computer that is connected to the same router. Install software. Here is the software download link:

For Windows: 

For Mac:

3. Run the software and it will detect the system‘s IP.

4. Select the camera's IP and click Forgot Password at the right bottom of the software.



5. Click export and select the path to export a file. Please don't change the file's name and attached this file to Annke XML Key Tool and type your mail id and click generate. you will receive 2 emails first will be sender email, do not download that xml attached file. After few minutes (depends on server response) you will receive XML Key file for your Annke Device.



By the way, please send us a picture of the white label of your system/camera. You can find it underneath the recorder. Please refer to this picture to find it.

We need to verify the SN and the model number. It is important to get the correct file.

mceclip0.png   mceclip1.png

 6. Select "Import File" and choose the file we sent to you.

Note: Before doing step 6, please connect as many cameras to the NVR as possible, since only the connected cameras' password can be reset together with NVR's.


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