How to reset CCTV IP Camera with Reset Button?


 CCTV IP Camera with Reset Button

Depends on IP Camera Hardware configuration. You can check Data sheet of each IP Camera to know the hardware based reset button.

I have uploaded Video on Youtube regarding Dahua IP Cameras Reset Button.

IF you want to know about another products hardware reset button lie hikvision.

There are some important things which you should know. 

Hikvision IP Camera R6, G1 family and EasyIP 3.0 and Newer have ability to reset by reset button. you need to open the body of IP camera and press that button for 10 sec. after mine while give it power when holding the reset button wait few sec. and leave it.  reboot it and start again. 

IP Camera will be reset to factory default settings.

Here is my another video for Hikvision IP Camera Reset.

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