PoE Passive Splitter IP Camera Stuck Problem Solved 100%

Hikvision IP Camera when I start just red Light and no reaction

So, I have faced this problem myself, Thank to PoE Passive Splitter.

Here is the Solution: Hikvision IP cameras create this issue after a particular time period like usage is more then 1 or 2 years. IP Camera become not responding and does not show in SADP Discovery tool provided by Hikvision. So if you want to solve this issue you many need to connect That IP Camera with PoE Passive Splitter. that camera will work fine because IP Camera Female PoE RJ45 Connector inbuilt PCB Chip refused to give proper power to the camera due to continued usage for a long time. PoE Passive Splitter is the solution of this problem. PoE Passive Splitter get power from your PoE Network switch and output 12V 2AMP to IP Camera.

Price :- 250 Inr + GST + Freight Charges
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