Stream IP Camera on website Without Subscription (Free Opensource)

How to stream IP Camera on website


24x7 Live running PC/Server (with Internet)
IP Camera (RTSP Option Supported)
A free software called "Unreal Media Server"

Start with your IP Camera:-

Access Your IP Camera with RTSP URL

For hikvision: rtsp://<IPADDRESS>/streaming/Channels/101/?transportmode=unicast

Download "Unreal Media Server" and install it

after start software follow below pictures:-

Open this page:

Right click and save as "HTML Only" on your desktop. Now open that webpage in notepad.

it will looks like this :-

Scoll down and replace 3 things:-

1. Livedemocam (Alias Name)
2. IP Address to your PC IP Address (Unreal Media Server running on your PC)
3. Port : 80 to 5119

Save it and open in browser again.

your camera will be live stream on webpage.

Note: this is working on your LAN, Now you need to access live streaming on webpage so you need
to do follow things.

1. change your pc ip address to your public ip address in html only file
2. Allow 2 ports in your firewall and do port forwarding in your internet router. Ports 5119 and 5135

Thats it, all Done !!!1

Now use that webpage file and upload to your website or you can copy that html code and use it on your website for live streaming your IP Camera.

If you want, i do it all the setting for you email me on [email protected] 
Online Support charges will be applicable. start from 20$ per hour to as per your project.

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