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WiFi Cracko for Windows, iOS and Android

WIFI Cracko is a Software that allows beginners to access password secured WIFI networks without having to use complicated Linux software. It is work in Windows, iOS and Android Devices. You can download from below link.

This Software is allowed only for personal use on your own private WIFI network, you are not allowed to use this powerful software to get free internet from your neighbor. If you are being caught using this software on a network other than your own, you are going to be held liable for it. This Software however makes it perfect to get the password of your own WIFI network in case you have forgotten it and works with WPA/WEP as well as WPA2 – PSK networks. With WIFI Cracko you are able to get into any WIFI network that you own within minutes.

Download WiFi Cracko Software

You can download it for free from our blog and access it on your Windows PC, Mac Computer, Android as well as iOS. Simply request your personal copy of WIFI cracko and you are minutes away from connecting to any WIFI you could imagine!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD :-  WiFi Cracko Windows, iOS and Android Version

How to to use this Software

First Download the App on your device, then click the ‘Scan for available Networks’ button and a list of networks will appear.
Then decide which network you want to access and choose its security type if the automatically detected protocol does not suit you. (we recommend you leave it the way it is)
Click the ‘Start decrypting’ button and wait until WIFI cracko detects the password of your WIFI network. This can take around 5 minutes so grab a coffee and by the time you get back your password will be ready. That's it! You now know the password to your personal WIFI.

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