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What is Intellifluence ?

Intellifluence is a large warm contact influencer marketing network, specializing in influencers ranging from peer-level micro-influencers, niche authorities, and celebrities alike. The audience sizes range from very small to several million.

Intellifluence is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that enables brands and influencers to connect, collaborate and reach their goals.

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How does Intellifluence for Influencers work?

In the simplest terms, Intellifluence for Influencers works like this:

1. Create a profile: Join and create your profile (think of it as a mashup of your resume and a dating profile) so brands can find you based on your experience and interests.

2. Accept pitches: At this point, brands can find you and send offers (pitches) that may include free products, services or cash in exchange for your review or promotion on your social media account(s). If you like the pitch, accept it to begin a transaction!

While you are waiting for pitches from brands, you are able to browse the Marketplace to see if there are any offers from brands that appeal to you. These opportunities are available to the entire Intellifluence influencer community. You can apply for opportunities directly or you can request more information from brands. Once approved, you will be involved in a transaction.

3. Get compensated: Once you have fulfilled the terms detailed within transaction, you’re done! Enjoy the free product/service or cash and look out for more pitches!

How do I get started as an Influencer?

Join Intellifluence and get paid to do influencer reviews. 

Signup: Click Here 


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