Onix Older Units Password Reset Tool

To reset your password follow these steps… 

1. If you Login Screen does not have a FORGOT PASSWORD in the bottom left hand corner when you RIGHT click and select MENU 


3. The LOGIN screen will appear 

4. Double LEFT CLICK in the bottom left corner of the LOGIN pop-up screen (circled in GREEN in the picture above) 

5. Your LOGIN screen will then change to a RESTORE DEFAULT PASSWORD MENU 


7. Download the Security Code Generator Tool Ver. 1.0 Click Here and use the Tool as per user manual.

8. You will then get a ‘Secure Code’ emailed back to you (i.e. RqyyR99e) 

9. Click in the empty box to the right of ‘Secure Code’ and put in the number above (it is case sensitive) o If you are not in the RESTORE DEFAULT PASSWORD MENU, go back to step #2 and then re-input ‘Secure Code’ in the ‘Secure Code’ section 10. This will default your password to one of two passwords – o 12345 o admin12345

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