Avue DVR, NVR Password Reset


1. Reset password by SADP Tool Tool:

SADP Tool   version: V3.0.0.100

Please follow the link to download the latest version of SADP: 


Connect the device to local network and open SADP Tool to search online devices. Select the device and click Forget Password:


You might see one of the three pop-ups.

  1. If the pop-up requires a security code, please turn to method 1.


  1. If the pop-up requires encrypt file, please turn to method 2.



  1. If the pop-up requires encrypt file or key, please turn to method 3.



Method 1 Device Information

Copy the Start Time and Device Serial No and download Security Code Generator Tool Ver 1.0 and use it as per User Manual.


After receiving security codes, please choose one according to your device’s current time.


Input security code and click Confirm. The password will be reset to 12345.


Method 2 XML File

Click Export to save XML file, Download XML Key File Generator Tool Ver. 4.0 



If you use the XML Key file Generator Tool as per User Manual, You will get encrypt Key file. Choose the path of the encrypt file, input your new password and confirm, click Confirm and your password will be reset.



Note: Once you get the file, it will be expired after 24 hours.

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