Hik-Connect Offline Issue Resolved

How to Solve Hik-Connect Offline Issue


When our customer adds a device to the Hik-Connect account and the APP returns device is offline, we can follow steps below to solve the problem or locate the causes.

1.      Go to device to see the register status. The status can be saw on web GUI, local GUI.


a)         If the Enable box hasn’t been checked, enable it and see the register status. Path: Configurationà               Networkà            Advanced Settings.

On NVR 3.0: Menu-Configuration-Network-Platform Access.



On NVR 4.0: Menu-System-Network-Advanced.


b)         If it has been enabled and the Register Status keeps offline, go to step 2.


2.      Make sure the device has been connected to the Internet and it can connect to the Hik-Connect Server.



Go to device to see whether the IP parameters belong to LAN. The IP address, subnet mask and default gateway need to be set correctly. Path: Configuration-Network-Basic Settings-TCP/IP.



On NVR 3.0: Menu-Configuration-Network-General.


On NVR 4.0: Menu-System-Network-TCP/IP.

b)         The DNS Server address is suggested to set as or local frequently-used DNS address.


c)         Try to change Server address, change dev.hik-connect.com to litedev.hik-connect.com or change litedev.hik-connect.com to dev.hik-connect.com.

d)        Upgrade device to latest firmware.


3.      If the Register Status is still offline, you may need to check the network.


a)         Check the Hik-Connect Server accessible or not.


i.               Connect your PC to the same LAN of the device.

ii.               Go to windows start menu, input cmd and click Enter key.




iii.               Input command ping dev.hik-connect.com and click Enter. If there is response, it means the DNS server address is correct and the Hik-Connect Server IP address is returned to the device.

If there is no response, the DNS server address need to be modified correctly.

b)         Check if the fire wall blocks the connection between device and Hik-Connect Server.

i.                Connect your PC to the same LAN of the device.


Go to windows start menu, input cmd and click Enter key.

iii.               Input command telnet dev.hik-connect.com 8555 or telnet litedev.hik-connect.com 8666 and click Enter.




When the telnet works, it will display as the snapshot below.

v.              If the telnet failed, you may need to check if there are settings on fire wall block the connection between the device and Hik-Connect server.



The Telnet function is disabled on PC as default, so it need to be enabled firstly. Path: Control Panelà                         All Control Panel Itemsà Programs and Featuresà                         Installed Updatesà          Turn Windows features on or off.


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