How to use CCTV IP Camera with Zoom Meeting and Google Meet

How to use CCTV IP Camera with Zoom Meeting and Google Meet


Online Classes for Education
Online Meetings discussion with on board Diagram 
YouTube Live Stream with Recorded Videos, Photos, Text Messages
Business Meetings with Documents Display
Parties and Marriage Live Streaming

Hardware Requirement:

1. CCTV IP Cameras (Preferred Hikvision IP Cameras with RTSP Protocol Quantity as per requirement)
2. Computer (Desktop or Laptop) i3 Processer, 4-8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD
3. Internet Connection (Realtime 5-10 Mbps Speed)
4. 4th point is very important, follow this article step by step to complete this task.

Software Requirement: 

1. VLC Player (Free for everyone) 
    Download Link: (64Bit Ver.)

2. Splitcam (Free for everyone) Download Link: 
    Download Link: (64Bit Ver.)

Follow Steps:

Power up Internet Router 
Power up Computer and connect with Internet via WiFi
Download VLC and Splitcam software and install
Power up IP Camera and connect with lan cable into Computer LAN Port

Give Static IP Address ( Subnet Mask: Gateway: to Computer in LAN Settings

Note: Default Hikvision IP Camera IP Address is Subnet mask:

Access IP Camera from Internet Explorer by IP Camera IP Address
Login into IP Camera (If IP Camera does not activated please enter all the require information and activate in with Username: admin and Password: Choose New Password for you) 

Imp Note: Password must not have "@" you can use any other symbol. if will create issue when adding RTSP Url for live streaming.

  • After login into IP Camera go to Network Advance setting and check the RTSP Port. Default port is 554
  • Now open VLC Player and click on file menu and go to network stream.
  • Add IP Camera RTSP URL (Hikvision IP Camera RTSP URL)
  • rtsp://username:password@IPADDRESS:RTSPPORT/Streaming/Channels/102

Note: Here 102 is Stream type: 101 is main stream and 102 is sub stream. We are choosing sub stream which will consume less data packets when you do online, but if you think clarity is not good then go with Main Stream. but it will require more internet.

  • After inpunt rtsp url play the video, if all thing correct you will see live feed of IP Camera via RTSP URL.
  • Now Copy that RTSP URL from VLC and open the Splitcam Software.
  • Add new device in splitcam software, choose IP Camera option and input the RTSP URL. when yo click save/ok your ip camera rtsp live feed will be display in splitcam software streaming screen.
  • Now open Google Meet or Zoom meeting and go to settings and choose video option.
  • Choose Splitcam device driver as your video source. 

Start your meeting and you will see your ip camera live feed on zoom or google meet live streaming.

(If you face any issue or want to setup for your business or personal use we can provide you online technical support our charges are 2,000/- Inr / 20 USD )

Thanks for reading this article.

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