What is the disadvantage of Jio Fiber Broadband (With Proof)

What is the disadvantage of Jio Fiber Broadband

Hello Friends,

Currently if you are planning to switch internet connection to Jio Fiber please read below email reply which I have received from Jio fiber customer care.

1. Jio does not provide Static IP Address to end users.
2. Jio does not provide port forwarding features to end users.
3. Jio use double NAT so you can not access your LAN Device over the internet.
4. Jio Routers does not support port block facility.

Jio fiber customer care email reply,

"Dear Nitin,


I understand your mail with regard to Static IP.


As checked service request was raised on 8/7/2021


Basis the update received, our team has resolved the issue. In case you continue to face any issue with your connection, do write back with the nature of the concern.


With regard to port forwarding, we do not have the provision for port forwarding


Our Jio Home Gateway does not support blocking or unblocking of Ports.


Appreciate your time and patience.    


You can now also get support to your service-related queries through WhatsApp. You can initiate the conversation by sending “Hello” on WhatsApp to 7000570005. "

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