Hik-Connect Error Connection Failed

Hik-Connect Error Connection Failed

Hik-Connect team have released a new update to address the reboot technical issue affecting NVR with firmware v3.4.100. The Hik-Connect App v4.15.1 is currently compatible to livestream of the NVR listed in the following technical bulletin.

The updated app is available through the App Store for iOS users and Android users can download the app from appstore.hikvision.com.

For the latest updates and information of this Technical Bulletin. Please referring to the following link Technical Bulletin – NVR Rebooting with Hik-Connect App v4.15


Since the release of Hik-Connect App v4.15 in the early June 2021, few NVR series has been experienced system rebooting or device offline while live streaming thru the Hik-Connect app. This Technical Bulletin will explain some of symptoms and options toward resolving such technical issue.

Device and Firmware

NVR with firmware v3.4.100 Q series

NVR with firmware v3.4.100 ERI-K series

NVR with firmware v3.4.100

Hik-Connect App v4.15.0 0609 on both iOS and Android platform.


When attempt to livestream NVR in the Hik-Connect app v4.15, the channels can start loading up to 95% but eventually failed to livestream. System may then have offline status in the Hik-Connect account because system has been abnormally reboot when attempt livestream via the app. This essentially is due to compatibility between the NVR firmware level and current release Hik-Connect app.

Title: NVR Rebooting Issue with Hik-Connect app v4.15




1. Adjusting the NTP setting in the NVR

If the system has not been setup with NTP and DST, enable the NTP may have allow system stay online when livestream in the app. Please note that ONLY enable the NTP will allow system to stay online. If DST is also enable during the process, system may still experience the same issue.

2. Using the iVMS-4500 mobile app to live stream channels within the Hik-Connect account.

iVMS-4500 can still support livestream and playback of the Hik-Connect device. User can choose to use the Hik-Connect feature of the app to livestream and playback the affected device in the HikConnect account.

To login to Hik-Connect account and live stream via iVMS-4500

- Download and install iVMS-4500 from either PlayStore or AppStore

- Hit menu button on the top left corner > Tap “Not Logged in” option > Login button > Enter Hik-Connect account credential to login > Select the device and its channel to live view.

3. Hik-Connect App downgrade option – Android user only

– Download the Hik-Connect App v4.14 from following link

- https://cloud.hikvisionusa.com/index.php/s/nLHHPSrzH73ew3w

- Uninstall the Hik-Connect App v4.15 from the Android phone

- Install the Hik-Connect app v4.14 for detail on how to install app in Android

- https://appstore.hikvision.com/static/help/index.html

- Use the Hik-Connect app v4.14 to operate all the normal remote viewing activities of the device.

4. When experience issue with Q series NVR (DS-76xxNI-Q2/)

User can upgrade the Q series NVR to latest firmware v4.30.055 from following link. System will not experience same issue when NVR is in such firmware level. https://us.hikvision.com/sites/default/files/firmware/nvr_k74_bl_ml_std_v4.30.055_201111.zip

Important Note: Hik-Connect Team is actively working on patches toward such compatible issue. The latest updates of the HikConnect app should release in all platform store within 2 weeks after issuing this technical bulletin.

Source: https://us.hikvision.com/sites/default/files/tb/tb_-_nvr_rebooting_issue_with_hik-connect_v4.15_0.pdf

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