How to find Hikvision Verification Code or Hikvision Encrypted Key

How to find Hikvision Verification Code or Encrypted Key 

Many people who are using Hikvision devices forgot verification code of the device and due to located at remote location they can not physically access the Hikvision device and check the Verification code to view live feeds from Hik-Connect account. 

I have solved this issue and provided the solution of this problem. if you forgot Hikvision verification code or want to rename it from remote location you can simply do it after watching this video. If you live this video please subscribe YouTube Channel : CCTV Networking Technical Support

Password Reset: 

If you have Hikvision, LTS, Truvision, Annke Device and forgot login Password you can visit below links:

Bulk XML File Generator Tool Ver 1.0

XML Key Generator Tool Ver 4.0

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