Registering IP Phone to IPPBX

How to Register KX-HDV130 IP Phone to KX-HTS824 IPBX

Panasonic IP PBX KX-HTS824, पैनासोनिक ...

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so in this article i will tell you how to connect IPBX to IP Phone. I worked on a specific Panasonic IPBX Model and IP Phone.

As per Below Picture you have to configure IP Address of all your Network devices.

You may need below things to configure it:

1. Gigabit PoE Smart Switch
2. Desktop/Laptop
4. IP Phone

Do same IP address setting, IP Address series can be different as per your network.
After Connecting this, Login in to your IPBX
Default Username: INSTALLER and Password is 

Follow below picture and do same settings.

Yellow Marks are important so take care of those point when you configure. and do not change anything.

Above setting for IPBX and Now Below settings for your IP Phone

Just do the Same settings, if you follow those same settings you IP Phone will register with IPBX and you can dial Local Number each other. If you need any Assistance you can directly email me on [email protected] 
and I will provide you remote assistance via remote desktop. I charge little for online technical support.
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