How much Internet speed require to play 4K Videos

How much Internet speed require to play 4K Videos

There are many question raising daily on internet.
How much Mbps do I need for 4K?
How much speed we need for 4K video?
Can 50 Mbps stream 4K?
Can you stream 4K on 500Mbps?

So here is the Answer:

System requirements:-

To watch YouTube videos, make sure you have the most up-to-date browser, operating system, and a good internet connection:

Newest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, or Opera Internet connection with 500+ Kbps

Movies and TV shows requirements:-

Some premium videos on YouTube -- like movies, TV shows, and livestreams -- require a faster connection and greater processing power for optimal streaming speeds. Here's what you'll need:
Newest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, or Safari
Operating system: Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.7+, or Ubuntu 10+
Internet connection with 1+ Mbps

It can help to close other tabs, browsers, and programs while streaming your video. It may also help to hardwire your Internet connection, instead of using a wireless network connection.

The table below shows the approximate speeds recommended to play each video format.

Video Resolution

Recommended sustained speed
4K20 Mbps
HD 1080p5 Mbps
HD 720p 2.5 Mbps
SD 480p1.1 Mbps
SD 360p0.7 Mbps


Things to note:
Playback in HD is unavailable for streaming on a web browser, except for Safari for HD streaming only. You can also stream in HD using one of the supported devices listed here.
Sometimes, you can buy or rent the HD/UHD version of a video on a device or browser that doesn't support HD/UHD playback. You can still watch the title in lower quality on that device, or watch HD/UHD from a different compatible device.

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