Xe0000105 Hikvision Error Code

Hikvision errors Offline (0Xe0000104), Offline (0Xe0000108), Offline (0Xe0000105)

Xe0000105 is an error occur when your Hikvision Device (IP Camera, NVR, DVR) does not connect with Hik-Connect Server. when Hikvision Device fails to establish a correct communication protocol with Hikvision Hik-Connect Server this error occur on android phone screen.

Simillar issue occur when you see these errors Offline (0Xe0000104), Offline (0Xe0000108), Offline (0Xe0000105)

How to Solve Offline (0Xe0000104), Offline (0Xe0000108), Offline (0Xe0000105)

First go to your Hikvision Device Network settings. you can use a windows pc to access hikvision device and change the network setting.

Here is the the path to enter into network settings:

Access the unit via a web browser (using the IP address), enter your username and password and once you’re in, navigate to Configuration > Network > Basic Settings and TCP/IP tab. You can have the IP address set on DHCP or manual, doesn’t really matter.

Input This DNS Setting in your Hikvision Device

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server

After setup the DNS Severs please save setting and restart your Hikvision Device.

After restart check the Hik-Connect Online Status.

if all configuration is correct, Hik-Connect Status will be Online and you can smoothly run all your Cameras on Hik-Connect APP.

Downlaod Hik-Connect APK App

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