use phone as a TV remote without WiFi

How can I use my phone as a TV remote without WiFi?

There are many android apps which turn your smartphone into TV Remote but your TV must be Smart TV which support WiFi and connected with your Home Router Network. If there is no internet in your Home Router Network still WiFi Remote App will work.

Now come to the topic again, if you have a normal TV which does not have WiFi option so how can you control tv with phone remote.

There are few smartphones which comes with IR Blaster Feature.

Now you will think about IR Blaster. so let me clear all your doubt about IR Blaster technology.

What is an IR blaster do? 

Infrared (IR) blaster is a mini device that imitates the functionality of an infrared remote control. It accepts commands (e.g. Volume Up or Change Channel) from your remote and tells the IR com device you want to control what to do.

What is IR blaster in phone?

The “IR” in IR blaster stands for “infrared.” The hardware itself is also equally simple to understand. If your phone has an IR blaster, it allows you to send commands via infrared rays to another device, such as a television, set-top box, or stereo compatible with IR remotes.

So If you have a smartphone which has IR Blaster feature you can use it to send RF Signal to your Normal tv to control Volume Up Down and Change Channel.

Android App for IR Blaster:

Smart TV market is grow rapidly and old normal tv are gone, so this is an out dated technology now.

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