Connect V380 Cameras in NVR

Can we connect V380 Pro Ip Camera to an NVR or Synology Surveillance Station?

Yes, You can connect V380 Camera to an NVR or Synology Surveillance (If both support RTSP Protocol).

1st Make sure you have following things with you.

  1. V380 Camera
  2. V380 Usb Cable
  3. SD Card 4/8/16/32 GB
  4. a Card Reader or Use your Mobile as Card Reader.
  5. SD Card must be format in FAT format.

By default RTSP Protocol is disable in V380 Cameras. We need to activate it and this is the main secret.

How to Activate RTSP Protocol in V380 Cameras.

  1. Use a Card Reader and insert SD card format it in Fat format.
  2. Open the SD card in Computer and create a txt file.
  3. copy and paste in txt file



4. Rename the file to ceshi.ini.

5. Insert the SD card into V380 Camera, Connect USB camera to V380 and Power on.

6. Wait for 2 min. and restart again the camera.

7. Connect V380 Camera with same network and check Open Ports on Camera via IP Address of V380 Camera.

8. Port 554 will be open and you will can access via RTSP Protocol.

Then you will be able to connect to RSTP over rtsp://IPADRESS:554/live/ch00_1

Addition information:-

V380 Cameras can Directly Connect with NVR with Below Information:-

Protocol Type: ONVIF

Port = 8899

Port TCP/UDP = choose UDP

IP Address:- IP Address of V380 IP Camera

Username:- admin

Password: Which you have set or changed

After Adding The V380 Camera in NVR, V380 Camera Support Only 1280*720(HD720P) Resolution.

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