how to check router speed

How to Check Router Speed

We are using routers in our home,office. but we do not know how much internet speed can handle our router. so this article you will know how to check the router Local area network and Wireless Local Area Network speed. Here we are discuss about router speed capacity not about internet speed.

Below are the points which you should follow to get the accurate and fast speed test of your local router.

1. First open your internet browser and search "openspeedtest"

2. Now goto website name

3. Download section you will find download links for windows, linux and other OS.

4. Watch help video how to install and run the program watch our video
Video Link:

5. If you are connected with your router with LAN then you must remove the DNS from your internet settings so that you can test only router network speed and same as if you are connected with router with WiFi you can go to network connection properties and remove the DNS to check the router wifi local area network speed.

6. If you get any error in setup or run the program you can directly ask us in comments in this video.

Note:- There is a android and MAC based app also available to check the router speed test.

MAC App:

Android App:


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