How to share Internet with Laptop WiFi Card to Ethernet Card

Turn Your Laptop in Router

Dear Friends, 
In this Article, I will describe how you can share your Wi-Fi 4G Hotspot Internet to a D-link by making your laptop into a Router.

Microsoft Windows comes with an inbuilt feature can share internet from internal Wi-Fi Adaptor to Ethernet Adaptor or it can be opposite. you can do same with internal Internet Adaptors like USB Wi-Fi Dongles and SIM Based USB Dongles.

I have create below mentioned video to my audience who does not have idea to how share internet from one device to multiple devices, what are the ways to achieve this. so i have desided to create this video for help. i have used three things in this video as below:

1. Internet Source (by Wi-Fi)
2. My Laptop (As a Middle Man/Router)
3. Another D-link Router (to share internet with LAN and Wi-Fi Users)

Please watch full video, This video is audioable in Hindi Language but if you does not understand Hindi you can follow video step by step process still you need my help comment down below or visit my YouTube Channel: CCTV Networking Technical Support


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