Remove Admin Lock from Biomax Attendance Machine

Remove Admin Lock from Biomax Attendance Machine

Biomax Securities have multiple type of Attendance and access control machine.

They have 2 Series in Attendance and Access Control Machines.

1. N Series
2. V Series

Many People need to reset Admin Lock from Biomax Attendance Machine. But they do not know how to do it. so i am sharing SDK of Both Series.

Biomax Website Link:

Or Directly you can visit below links and download SDK.

You will get VB.sdk in both Series Download folder. open that download folder and find .exe or Application file. RUN THAT and connect your Biomax machine with it by entering IP Address of your Biomax Machine which should be online in your network. You can ping that machine from your PC.

After connected successfully you need to check Admin Remove button and press it.

Done, your machine is now lock free and you can access your Biomax machine.

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