Hikvision error code 7

Hikvision Error Code 7

Here is the full detail of this error code:

Full Name or Hikvision Error Code 7 : -NET_DVR_NETWORK_FAIL_CONNECT 7 

Meaning of this Error Code: Failed to connect to the device. The device is off-line, or connection timeout caused by network.

So as you can see this error code means your Device is offline due to some mistake in your network configuration or it is power off. So please follow below issues first:

1. Power must be on.
2. IP Address of Device is same as your network ip series.
If your network ip address is 192.168.1.XXX then your device ip address must be in same 192.168.1.XXX (XXX.XXX.1.XXX) Series.
3. Subnet Mask must be same in your network connected device and ip camera.
4. If all of above settings are correct. Please go to device setting and close auto update feature of IP Camera device.

if you follow about steps and check all one by one in your IP Camera device, Your problem will be solved. Next time Hikvision Error Code 7 will not come up.

If you have any question related to below Error Codes Please drop a comment. 

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